What To Do In New Zealand In October

by Mark Perkins

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October in New Zealand is the second month of our Spring and usually a great time to be in the countryside with all the new spring flowers, calf’s and of course those adorable little spring lambs.

Having pictured these delights it can still be quite fresh/chilly and the occasional snow fall particularly in the South Island. We can get snow in the

South Island in November and  December but usually at quite high altitudes of 1000m plus. There is not going to be sub zero temperatures at that time of year in the lower areas. Our weather is very variable and you can get unpredictable weather like rain. It is most likely to be around 12-15 degrees celsius sometimes higher sometimes a bit lower. Cooler at night 5-10 degrees Celsius.

We have turned our clocks back one hour by October we have gone from  (GMT+12) to  (GMT+13), worth keeping in mind if planning arrival and departure times.

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Typical weather for October in New Zealand

  • Auckland

Average Temp 11 – 18 degrees Celsius
Average Rain Fall – 32mm (1.25″)
  • Rotorua

Average Temp 10 – 18 degrees Celsius
Average Rain Fall – 85mm (3.50″)
  • Wellington

Average Temp 10 – 16 degrees Celsius
Average Rain Fall – 49mm (2.00″)

  • Christchurch

    Average Temp 6 – 17 degrees Celsius
    Average Rain Fall – 13mm (0.50″)

  • Queenstown

Average Temp 6 – 14 degrees Celsius
Average Rain Fall – 311mm (12.375″)

  • Dunedin

Average Temp 8 – 13 degrees Celsius
Average Rain Fall – 50mm (2.00″)


October in New Zealand Driving Conditions

Generally driving in the North Island in October presents no real problems, but in the South Island you should be wary especially early in the morning and late at night in shaded areas for frost and the odd patches of ice. Chains would not generally be carried at this time.


Recommended clothing for October in New Zealand

Given the changeable weather conditions and it still being a little cool I would recommend the following:-

  • Long pants
  • Warm tops
  • Wet weather gear, light rain coat and or umbrella
  • Swimwear as you could be visiting thermal areas
  • A hat for those sunny days – Our UV strength is quite high in this part of the world
  • Good comfortable footwear, especially if you intend doing some of the great walking tracks


New Zealand October public holidays

The only national public holiday in New Zealand in October is Labour Day which is generally on the fourth Monday of the month.

Provincial Anniversary days for Octobers are, Hawkes Bay and Marlborough.

It may also be worth noting that there is two weeks of school holidays in October.

Please not that the Banks and most government offices/departments will be closed. It is also worth noting that you could be charged a service charge of approx 15% at cafe’s and restaurants on these public holidays.


Special Events happening in October in New Zealand


General things to do in New Zealand in October

Markets – Visit some of the many Farmers, Art & Craft or General Markets held throughout New Zealand

  • Dunedin

    • Dunedin Farmers Market Every Saturday morning rain or shine, from 8:00am – 12:30pm at the Dunedin Railway Station


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