Waioeka Gorge An Awesome Place To Visit In New Zealand

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The adventures and wonders I discovered in the Waioeka Gorge. The Waioeka Gorge is on state highway 2 which runs between Gisborne and Opotiki on the East Cape of the Gisborne District in the North Island of New Zealand, is one of the awesome places to visit in New Zealand.

Before I say anything about this wondrous place I need to explain that for many decades now the Karangahake Gorge, which runs between Paeroa and Waihi has been my favourite Gorge to visit and so it is with a touch of sadness that I now drop its ranking and replace it with the Waioeka Gorge.

Whilst I have done a number of walks through the Karangahake Gorge I have only done one short walk in the Waioeka Gorge to the old Tauranga Bridge which made me giggle a bit when I saw its construction, one end looked like wooden scaffolding whilst the other was solid concrete.

There are a number of walks/tramps available in the gorge as well as kayaking, camping and numerous places to just stop, enjoy the scenery and let all your senses be stimulated.

Visually:- This is just spectacular and such a pleasure to view. I was stretching in my seat to get the best possible views I could out of every window.

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The water looked like a river of Jade or Greenstone (Ponamu as the Maoris call it.)  The rich deep and variable shades of green native bush were superbly reflected in the river and the assortment of light pebbles and rocks shone brightly in the sunlight.  It was a sunny day for our travels through the gorge. The water was crystal clear and this was the first place I decided to have a swim for the year 2011.  The water was soft and so clean and I can’t believe how soft it left my hair, it was cold and took my breath away.

As for the sense of smell:- The river was clean and when I swam over to the other of side where the native bush joined the water, you could smell the musky earthiness of the land. This is rugged bush where wild pigs and deer freely roam.

Taste:- The water was almost good enough to drink, it looked so pure, but one cannot be too careful so  I just kissed a pebble and threw it into the river.  You could taste the freshness and purity in the air, as it is so remote and isolated, the highway is not that busy and you could be lost in the bush, miles from civilisation.  It is as though it is an overlooked highway and a highlight for campervans in New Zealand.
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Touch:- I have already told you how soft the water made my hair, it also made me feel revitalised, refreshed and clean.  Nothing beats swimming in fresh water.  Your skin stays soft and doesn’t get that dry tight saltiness you get from swimming in the sea.

Hearing:- The gorge is alive with sound.  The sound of water laughing as it tickles over the pebbles, the gushing as it rushes over rock formations in the shallow bends, the birds and insects are so loud in their serenade as you quietly and respectfully share their piece of paradise.

 I must come back to walk and kayak the length of the gorge which is approx 60kms. The numerous swimming holes, rapids and calm meandering stretches created an ambience of complete relaxation and peacefulness for me.

I hope you experience the feelings that I have for this treasure, the Waioeka George a superb destination for campervans in New Zealand, but I do hope you find a way to discover it.  I will definitely be going back.

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