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by Mark Perkins

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Here is a  collection of videos from the recent Balloons over Waikato event held in April 2011. This annual event attracts visitors and competitors, not only from all over New Zealand but also from all over the world.

The Waikato is the heart of dairy farming in New Zealand and some of the most expensive farm land can be found here. Hamilton, the city at the centre of the Waikato, gets a lot of international attention, not only for the Balloons over Waikato event, but from a number of other events that the City of Hamilton hosts.

  • The farming field days trade show
  • The round of the Australian super car V8’s motor race series
  • International rugby matches
  • International cricket matches
  • International netball matches
  • and a number of other events.

Hamilton and the Balloons over Waikato event is certainly one of the things to do in New Zealand.

The opening countdown to the Night Glow

Ballons over Waikato 2011

Balloons over Waikato night glow. Places to visit in New Zealand

Shania Tawain song gets the balloons glowing

Ballons over Waikato 2011 Night Glow To Shania Twain

Night glow balloons in time to a Shania Twain song.

Got to have Fireworks

The finale to the evenings entertainment

Balloons over Waikato 2011 Fireworks


Balloons over Waikato 2011 – 30 March – 3 April | Airplane

Aviation News & Photos: Airshows and Events – New Zealand.

Publish Date: 04/01/2011 10:33

This is just one of the things to do in New Zealand, have a look at some of the other posts in this blog for more ideas that may take your fancy.

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