Places To Visit In New Zealand The Waitaki Valley

by Mark Perkins

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What a day we have had today, as we travelled from Dunedin to Tekapo in the South Island, an ideal trip to take on your campervan holiday in New Zealand. The Waitaki Valley is definitely one of the places to visit in New Zealand. The various lakes and outstanding views along the way were spectacular.

I don’t recommend you do this whole journey in a day if on a campervan holiday in New Zealand

as there is way too much to take in and explore. However as you know I am driving my passengers on a tour and we have a limited number of days to view the “Must See” places to visit in New Zealand. The Waitaki valley has a number
of sites that you can camp at on your campervan holiday in New Zealand for a very low cost. It is worked on an honesty system and it is crucial that you are self contained. By this I mean you have plenty of fresh water on board and are able to contain ALL of your waste, us motor homers refer to it as

‘Pack in Pack out’. Of late we have had trouble with a number of the micro campervans just dumping their rubbish in the bush and this is now starting to detract from New Zealand’s ‘Clean Green’ image.

There are three hydro electric dams and resulting lakes in the Waitaki valley, a total of nine in the area, the first you come across is the Waitaki dam that was built by pick and shovel back in the 1920/30’s. This dam has a natural spillway in that, when the lake behind it gets too

full, the water just spills over the top, a outstanding sight. The little town before the dam is called Kurow and has three pubs and a few shops one of which is owned by a real character of the town. It is a second hand junk shop that is absolutely crammed full of goods. However the owner is very reluctant to sell you anything, however he is happy to chat all day. If you call in and are able to purchase something please leave a comment on this blog, I’d love to hear from you.

campervan holiday in New Zealand

The next dam is the Aviemore and it has a designated controllable spill race. When they built Aviemore they also built a trout spawning race to ensure propagation of the species. A slightly different way up the river is to cross the Aviemore dam and follow its path to the Benmore Dam and lake. You will pass a number of low cost camping sites right up to the Benmore dam.

The Benmore dam is the largest earth filled water retaining structure in New Zealand and primarily supplies electricity to the North Island. The views from the dam’s lookout are nothing less than spectacular especially if there is a sprinkling of snow on the mountains behind and it is a crystal clear, sunny day like today. Like the two previous dams the spillway was in action which just added to the grandeur of the view.

The Waitaki Valley is got to be one of the places to visit in New Zealand particularly in your camper van.

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