Places To Visit In New Zealand – Opotiki Coast Line

by Mark Perkins

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mapNestled on the east coast of New Zealand is Opotiki, the gateway to the East Cape and Gisborne for those traveling south.

Opotiki was once a bustling town in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, but sadly today is very much a shadow of it’s former self.

This is the first time I have been here to look around a little.

The main street has a number of different shops including a crystal shop selling all sorts of goodies. I bought some incense cones in there to make the campervan smell a bit better after frying a juicy steak.

Other shops include the usual coffee, clothing and food shops etc. The sports store is absolutely amasing with a massive range of sporting goods catering for almost any thing you want to do. Being a typical small New Zealand town, the majority of the shops close at 1.00 pm on a Saturday and closed Sunday.

I then went to find my parking spot for the next two nights, which is on the top of a hill called “table-lands” and the view is truely spectacular. In the north you can veaguley make out Whakatane to just south of Opotiki in the south and the exit of the Waioweka Gorge in the west

The view also takes in part of a range of mountains behind us, through to Ohope, Whale island, just south of Whakatane and in the distance I can just make out one of our very active volcanoes, White Island.

There is no doubt about it Opotiki is one of the places to visit in New Zealand when on your campervan holiday of New Zealand

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