Things To Do In New Zealand On Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

by Mark Perkins

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Queenstown New Zealand is famous for a whole variety of things to do in New Zealand. One of the top attractions is sailing on the TSS Earnslaw that plies Lake Wakatipu endlessly day after day, ferrying passengers to and from Queenstown township and Walter Peak sheep station.

The TSS Earnslaw is a twin screw steamer that was built in Dunedin the same year as the Titanic.

It was then disassembled and transported up to a small town at the foot of Lake Wakatipu, Kingston, on the Kingston flyer train and re assembled. The TSS Earnslaw has plied Lake Wakatipu ever since.

One of the features of sailing on the TSS Earnslaw, is being able to enter part of the engine room and watch the firemen stoking the boilers and their attendance to the various tasks required to sail this majestic vessel. Full bar and Cafe facilities are available on board and often one of the staff will tickle the ivories and all that want to, can sing along to some good old favourites.
Of an evening the Walter Peak sheep station offer a buffet meal and sheep show. This has proven to be very popular over the years and a


regular choice for my passengers on tour to go to. ThIe meal is very good with no shortage of variety and quantity, bar facilities are also available. After the meal which is served in the grand old homestead, you are invited over to the woolshed to watch a sheep dog demonstration and see a sheep shawn accompanied by good old fashioned ‘Kiwi’ farmer banter. Once the show is finished you board the TSS Earnslaw and make your way back to Queenstown township. Doing this trip at night is extra special as you get the magical sights of the lights of Queenstown as you approach.

The Walter Peak sheep station and the TSS Earnslaw experience is another one of those things to do in New Zealand on your campervan holiday in New Zealand when visiting Queenstown.

The company that runs these excursions is called Real Journeys

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