Icons of Auckland New Zealand

by Mark Perkins

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In a previous post I spoke very generally about Auckland New Zealand. In this post I’d like to explore some of the specific icons of the city.

Like any other country in the world Auckland has it’s icons that it has become known for over the years just like, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House both in

Sydney Australia. Tower Bridge, Big Ben and the Thames River in London England.For many years Auckland had the following:-

The Auckland Harbour Bridge, built in 1959 and due to the volume of traffic flow, in 1969 a further 4 lanes were added to the sides of the bridge by a Japanese company, as no one could remember or pronounce the name of the company the extra lanes became known as the “Nipon Clip-ons”. The bridge is still not large enough for the volume of traffic and a movable centre barrier has been introduced to give an extra lane in peek traffic times.

Rangitoto Island New zealand

Rangitoto Island the tallest and newest of the 49 or so extinct volcanoes that make

up Auckland’s landscape, coming in at 260 metres it last erupted approx 600 years ago. It is now a wild life sanctuary and you are able to take tours of the Island which is serviced by a ferry. I remember as a small boy there being wallabies on Rangitoto Island, but sadly they are no longer there and are considered as pests to our native wildlife.

Auckland New Zealand

One tree hill at 183 metres high, another extinct volcano, is part of Cornwall Park and was donated to the people of Auckland in the early 1900’s by Sir John Logan Campbell, one of the fathers of Auckland. He named the area Cornwall Park to commemorate the visit of the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall. One of the conditions of the donation was that it would be used for recreational purposes for Aucklander’s. There has been a couple of trees on the hill over the years however, the last one was vandalised by a protester and was finally cut down in 2002.

Sky Tower Auckland

The latest icon of Auckland is undoubtedly the Sky tower. At 328m high it is the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, even 8m taller than the Eifel tower in France. There are a couple of viewing decks and two restaurants at various stages up the Sky tower. You can take a controlled plunge off of it and to properly freak you out you can walk around the outer rings ‘Outside’ the safe enclosure of the viewing decks.

The Icons of Auckland New Zealand, are a must see when visiting Aotearoa and you must be sure to get your own set of photos of them.

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