FAQ About Traveling To New Zealand

by Mark Perkins

These are some of questions I am often asked about New Zealand. If you have any more please email with them and I will answer them for you.

Q, Is it safe to drink the water in New zealand

A, Yes it is in all hotels, motels and houses etc domestic water supplies. Stream water that is clear is also safe to drink, however it would pay to boil it first. Christchurch is the exception due to the recent earthquake boil all water there for now. (feb april 2011)

Q, Are the shops open 24/7

A, Unfortunately most are not, however in the main cities you will find convienience stores a number of service stations and the odd supermarket (countdown) that are open 24/7. The smaller towns will normally close around 5.00 pm weekdays and only open till 1.00 pm Saturdays closed Sunday.

Q, What time of the year is the best time to visit New Zealand

A, Typically December through to early March are the high tourist season months, but dependent on what your coming to NZ for, will dictate the time of Year. E.g. If you are into skiing snow boarding and the like then the winter months July to September are the best.

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