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This blog site is dedicated to those traveling to New Zealand, “Aotearoa” the land of the long white cloud, so they may have an Extraordinary Holiday.

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Hi my name is Mark Perkins and I have a real passion for my country, New Zealand.

I want to share with you some of the great places to visit in New Zealand, things to see and do and give you helpful general information whether your on a campervan holiday in New Zealand, self driving in a rental car or traveling as part of an organised tour of this magnificent country.

I live in a bus that I am converting into a Motor Home. It is very much a “WIP’y”, a work in progress. The main problem with completing it, is that I love going away and exploring new places around the country. In both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

I try and seek out some of the off the beaten track places that folk on organised tours never go to but are accessible by either car or Motor Home – Campervan.

My regular 9 – 5 job….. hmmm maybe I should say the job that pays my wages is a full commentary tour coach driver/guide, hence not realy 9 – 5 haha.

new zealand holiday Just to show I do work sometimes

I strongly believe the knowledge and experience I have gained in my time in the above position and the love of my motor home and traveling, qualify me to offer help, advise and information on Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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It is my intention to give you helpful information to assist you with your travel throughout our

beautiful and majestic country with ease. To inform you of some of the must do’s! To help you avoid some of the traps and problems that those before you have experienced or fallen into.

I have just received a National Certificate for Large passenger vehicle long distance driving. I have been working towards this for a while now and I have finally completed it. This certificate covers all aspects of driving, tour commentary and advanced defensive driving skills.


Please comment on my blogs whether or not you like, agree, dislike or disagree with what I have said.

holiday tours new zealand My Certificate

If you have a question about a particular blog post then please ask it and I will do my best to answer it for you.

However you can always email me at mark@travel-2-newzealand.com and again I will do my very best to help.

Above all enjoy and have a fantastic trip to Aotearoa – New Zealand.




Travel 2 New Zealand

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Hell of a job but someone has to do it!

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